Thursday, February 24, 2011

another thursday nite

hanging out solo in my apartment, drinking a tallboy heineken burning heart left behind after watching sunday night's nba dunk competition.

burning heart is the name of one of the korean dudes we occasionally ball with. as in basketball.
in case you were confused. oh yes, i ball.

got that hoosier jumpshot.

feeling buzzed after half this heineken, and nostalgic teetering on homesick for the first time since i've gotten here.

thinking about college oddly enough and the few cool people i knew there. how time is a capsule with certain people in certain places all packed so tightly and then dispersed.

spring semester, thursday night soc class. interesting ppl, interesting conversation. we would go and drink and get silly afterwards. every week. i am missing that bubble right now.
and home in general.

6 months in. fast but slow. i've never stopped counting yet the time doesn't drag.
sometimes it drags a little.

this lager reminds me of northwest indiana and the czapla side of me. not sure why.

thinking of certain people and it pinches my heart.

bought some strawberries off the street tonight. i was trying to tell michael how those yuuuge ones with the super white tops aren't magic.
but tonight, the lady sold me magic. they are small and beautiful and so red. i could smell them on the counter when i opened the door.

i miss you.