Monday, March 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday

It's March here in Korea (and maybe where you are too???) and already a couple monumental things have transpired.
1) We're officially past the halfway point and have less than 6 months left until I can eat a decent sandwich.

2) Sprrrrrring is almost f-ing here! FINALLY.

Something important and fairly obvious occurred to me the other day: cold weather makes me unhappy. As in, really unhappy. After a 4 year love affair with Austin, Texas, I know what a better mistress southern weather is than the dismal, cornless landscape of an Indiana winter. This winter was Busan's coldest in 96 years. Lame x 100 para mi. 

Basically, I noticed this pattern of general funkiness to my days and it sucked. I didn't really put it together until we had some sunshine and a little bit of warmth and then it was like BLAM. So that's what's been sucking so hard: the coooooold. Anyway, it's getting warmer, I'm getting happier, spring and baseball and summer and beachin' are round the corner so it's all good. Worry about me no longer, you. 

So today, we had a proper lazy Sunday. First, we finally got our arses to the Busan Museum of Modern Art. The dude in my Korea book ripped the place apart but he is obviously an overcritical douche because dissing on art is pretty much Lame-o Indicator Numero Uno. I mean, it obviously wasn't the Louvre but there was definitely some cool stuff and it was just nice to be in a museum. It's been awhile. 

There wasn't much to the museum --the building itself was kind of lacking and there were only exhibits on the top floor --but it will still cool to check out pieces by mostly Korean artists. It only took us about an hour to look at everything. Oh, and almost forgot to mention it was FREE. Awesome. 

After that, we hit up the nearby Taco Al Puebla which is hands down the sweetest Mexican we've had in the city. They have proper burritos and the dude makes fresh pico de gallo when you order chips and salsa. It's hard to properly express how uh-mazing it is to find even remotely decent Mexican so I treasure this place dearly. I misssss avocados and Austin and aguas frescas and....oh so many things. 

Well, I missed you blogosphere! I'll blame my inattention to this small internet portal on the weather. But now I'm back for the attack and to update you on all things Korean and Czapla. Thanks for hanging out and leaving comments in my absence. It makes me feel all nice inside. 

Now watch this.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

another thursday nite

hanging out solo in my apartment, drinking a tallboy heineken burning heart left behind after watching sunday night's nba dunk competition.

burning heart is the name of one of the korean dudes we occasionally ball with. as in basketball.
in case you were confused. oh yes, i ball.

got that hoosier jumpshot.

feeling buzzed after half this heineken, and nostalgic teetering on homesick for the first time since i've gotten here.

thinking about college oddly enough and the few cool people i knew there. how time is a capsule with certain people in certain places all packed so tightly and then dispersed.

spring semester, thursday night soc class. interesting ppl, interesting conversation. we would go and drink and get silly afterwards. every week. i am missing that bubble right now.
and home in general.

6 months in. fast but slow. i've never stopped counting yet the time doesn't drag.
sometimes it drags a little.

this lager reminds me of northwest indiana and the czapla side of me. not sure why.

thinking of certain people and it pinches my heart.

bought some strawberries off the street tonight. i was trying to tell michael how those yuuuge ones with the super white tops aren't magic.
but tonight, the lady sold me magic. they are small and beautiful and so red. i could smell them on the counter when i opened the door.

i miss you.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post-Christmas Christmas Post

Why hello there, Daily T-shirt crowd. It's been awhile and I apologize for neglecting my faithful army of readers. As in Mom, Aunt Pam, and Grandma Czapla. I kid, I kid. I know there are at least 5 more people who may drunkenly remember to stumble on my blog during the wee hours of the upcoming New Year before passing out in their party clothes. This post is for you, friends.

So what have you missed during this fine holiday month of mine in Korea? Well, a week before Christmas I received a package from the faraway land of my natives in Demotte, Indiana. Unfortunately, I consumed the deliciously edible contents in 2 days and cannot provide you with pictures of those gifts. But you jerks can feast your eyes and mouths on salt and vinegar chips any time you want! Be thankful! Be verrrry, very thankful. Anyway, back to my Christmas presents. The Pops hooked. it. up. with TWO containers of salt and vinegar chips, one Brittle Nut Medley and one bag of roasted and salted almonds. Quadruple holler. In case you didn't know, Koreans don't do savory. Buy a bag of chips and it's bound to taste like frosted flakes. The other night, we ate at a pasta place and they served us cool whip with our garlic bread. WTF, Korea?! They like-uh the sweet here.

Within the package of AMURRKN goods was another prize, although inedible and initially frowned upon, it has proven its value every night at approximately 11 p.m.

Say what you will, judge if you must, frown with distaste. Sorry Mom but I did. Yes, it's true. They are Christmas pajama pants. I suspect of the Old Navy fleece variety. And when I tried them on in the comfort and privacy of my home, with a shock I realized I never wanted to take them off again. I thought of all the nights of sleeping when I hadn't had these pants. Wasted and gone, pitiful. These pj's are beyond perfection in softness and  comfort. And although wearing Christmas tree clothing may be out of fashion most of the year, I will wear them nonetheless. Because I love them. And I love Christmas. So deal with it. 

Other than that, Christmas Eve festivities consisted of a party at our friends' apartment around the corner, eating delicious food, and staying up til 6 a.m. playing Apples to Apples and Celebrity. Wicked fun. On Christmas night, we went to a yuuuuuge buffet in a fancy hotel with a lot of other waygooks (foreigners). Twas heavenly to eat a bit of turkey and stuffing and bread and butter. 

That's purty much it. New Year's is this weekend and as of this moment, no specific plans. The last couple of weeks have been kinda funky for me personally so send some lovin' thoughts or positive vibes my way if you wanna. E-mail would be even better. Missing y'all lots and lots! Merry post-Christmas from Korea!

Our lil tree. 

Me thinkin' about your faces. And my pajama pants. And Christmas.