Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post-Christmas Christmas Post

Why hello there, Daily T-shirt crowd. It's been awhile and I apologize for neglecting my faithful army of readers. As in Mom, Aunt Pam, and Grandma Czapla. I kid, I kid. I know there are at least 5 more people who may drunkenly remember to stumble on my blog during the wee hours of the upcoming New Year before passing out in their party clothes. This post is for you, friends.

So what have you missed during this fine holiday month of mine in Korea? Well, a week before Christmas I received a package from the faraway land of my natives in Demotte, Indiana. Unfortunately, I consumed the deliciously edible contents in 2 days and cannot provide you with pictures of those gifts. But you jerks can feast your eyes and mouths on salt and vinegar chips any time you want! Be thankful! Be verrrry, very thankful. Anyway, back to my Christmas presents. The Pops hooked. it. up. with TWO containers of salt and vinegar chips, one Brittle Nut Medley and one bag of roasted and salted almonds. Quadruple holler. In case you didn't know, Koreans don't do savory. Buy a bag of chips and it's bound to taste like frosted flakes. The other night, we ate at a pasta place and they served us cool whip with our garlic bread. WTF, Korea?! They like-uh the sweet here.

Within the package of AMURRKN goods was another prize, although inedible and initially frowned upon, it has proven its value every night at approximately 11 p.m.

Say what you will, judge if you must, frown with distaste. Sorry Mom but I did. Yes, it's true. They are Christmas pajama pants. I suspect of the Old Navy fleece variety. And when I tried them on in the comfort and privacy of my home, with a shock I realized I never wanted to take them off again. I thought of all the nights of sleeping when I hadn't had these pants. Wasted and gone, pitiful. These pj's are beyond perfection in softness and  comfort. And although wearing Christmas tree clothing may be out of fashion most of the year, I will wear them nonetheless. Because I love them. And I love Christmas. So deal with it. 

Other than that, Christmas Eve festivities consisted of a party at our friends' apartment around the corner, eating delicious food, and staying up til 6 a.m. playing Apples to Apples and Celebrity. Wicked fun. On Christmas night, we went to a yuuuuuge buffet in a fancy hotel with a lot of other waygooks (foreigners). Twas heavenly to eat a bit of turkey and stuffing and bread and butter. 

That's purty much it. New Year's is this weekend and as of this moment, no specific plans. The last couple of weeks have been kinda funky for me personally so send some lovin' thoughts or positive vibes my way if you wanna. E-mail would be even better. Missing y'all lots and lots! Merry post-Christmas from Korea!

Our lil tree. 

Me thinkin' about your faces. And my pajama pants. And Christmas. 


  1. meagon! i love ur engrish words. AMURRKAN. hahahaha. it's like you are right here telling me the stories.

  2. Happy New Year, Aunt Cindi will drink for you, don't you dare worry...

  3. excuse me darling daughter but it was dear old mom who heard the korea doesn't do salty comment.Also i remembered the salt and vinegar preference you have can give dad credit for the brittle mix but i picked the almonds also p.s. dad picked the pj's :)

  4. You dissapeared from was sad. Not that I stalked you or anything; just looked for blog's my guilty pleasure reading at work.

    I had a picture of the 'Music Box Theatre' and planned to post to your wall at Christmas. So pretend I did and Happy Hollidays!! -Julia

  5. Czapla!

    I spent New Years avec Marshall at a townhome in Breckenridge with 14 of our closest friends. 9 of which fit in a hot tub at one time while passing around a bottle of Jameson. The windchill was -30 that night and my hair turned into icicles. It was glorious. Glad to hear you're doing so well and repping the USA too hard. Keep up the fancy work. Asta!